What is Coming Next - Part Two



24 July, 2020, 14:10 (MST)

Written by – Steve Sakievich



Hope Derived From Unambiguous Victory, What’s Next in The Path Forward


Victory of good over evil is (ever has been and ever will be) assured to happen as I have previously pointed out in another article.  Life does, always has and ever will exist and continue onward.  The final process of getting there will create an alteration to any experienced way-of-life mankind has ever known.


The Lord Jesus Christ, accompanied by legions of angels at His flanks, will be shown and seen coming from Heaven; at the very point and absolute bottom of the hellish pit evil and the wraith of a Just God will bring us to.  His Coming will be witnessed by all of mankind, every one, all at once and at the same time will bear witness of the Saviors’ return to this Earth.  This is important to know, that we be not lead astray.  Christ will not be coming by stealth.  Be very weary of those whom profess He has arrived, and you yourself did not notice; this is a falsehood.  We all shall see at once.


His Coming will usher in an era like none before in the history of the world.  The forces of evil will be held captive, it’s followers wiped from the face of the earth.  Christ, personally, will reign on earth at the beginning of this new era in which a never-before-seen peace will prevail; for all will be like-minded.


It’s hard to image what things would be like when evil has been vanquished for an extended period of time (scripture notes this to be 1000 years).  Though, I have a few ideas of what will be taking place during this time.


If we consider that we are literal sons and daughters of a Heavenly Father it would be reasonable to understand we are loved by Him.  Our successes are His gains and add to His (and our) joy and enjoyment of life it’s self.  It is also clear that, in this mortal world, that so very, very many of us (in fact I would venture to say the majority) never obtained the chance to fully understand the full plan of God and all it entails.  How is it possible for a just God to exercise perfect justice upon any that lacked complete understanding?  It can’t be.


It’s my belief that this 1000 years of peace on earth a sort of missionary work will be conducted for the sake of all those whom have lived and died without ever having a chance to fully understand God’s plan for them.  Scripture tells us that baptism is a prerequisite before entering the Kingdom of Heaven.  This is something I believe will be done in mass via proxy; where the living will conduct the necessary and fundamental prerequisites for those no longer capable; once (and if) they – after learning the full Gospel and plan of God – have accepted His plan.  There are, no doubt, billions upon billions who have never had an opportunity to hear and understand God’s plan for them.


Outside of work for the dead via proxy I must confess that I draw many blanks in my thinking as to what else will be taking place during this 1000 year reign of peace under Jesus Christ.  I do image, however, that the greatest advancements in knowledge will be unveiled and mortal life will be free of disease and conflict.  There will be an abundance of every kind; the likes of which have never been conceived of.  Happiness will flourish, perfect health will be the norm, love for others will become second nature to everyone and the words sorrow and pain will have nearly no conceptual meaning.


The devil, it is said, will be released at the end of this 1000 year era of peace.  It is reasonable to assume from this that, over time (as has happened repeatedly over current known history), people will again seek out evil.  It is no secret that, it times of great prosperity and wealth, the hearts of men and women turn towards vanity; leading to lust and greed.  These base emotions and feelings are usually the first tripping blocks which the devil uses as tools to insnare the hearts of mankind.


This will mark the beginning of the final battlefront for the hearts and souls of mankind.  Little is known about this final battlefront but it, like all previous battlefronts, will end the same as all which came before; good shall prevail.  It will also usher in the final Judgement Day for this household of our Father.  All those not previously privy to knowledge and understanding of God’s plan will now have had their chance to know and learn; and to accept or reject it.  Each will now be brought before the Son of God, even Jesus Christ, to be judged of their deeds and the intents of their hearts.


I do not believe there are only two possible destinations of God’s children (Heaven or Hell).  It is easy enough for anyone to see there are varying degrees of both good and bad.  This will be the same in the varied degrees of kingdoms; from the very best to the vary worst.  It is my belief, however, that anything above the very worst (a.k.a. Hell) will be a paradise compared to mortal life on earth; because our Father in heaven loves us and would not that our eternal beings be subjected to eternal misery.  It is not so for the worst of the lot, those that are cast into the pit with the demons they loved, those cast into the pit of Hell.  Only the Redeemer has the capacity to judge each according to their deeds; we do not have such perception of perfect justice.


Much more could I write on this subject but it is not prudent for the sake of this article and will be saved for another time.  But it is important to note - and I leave you with these thoughts - that life continues eternally, both good and evil, though separated by self directed choices and the judgements of God; life is eternal and has always been so.  Evil, having chosen death and destruction faces a far different future then good and, once one fully understands the implications of this, it becomes obvious why good is the superior choice.  But, this is a topic I’ll leave for discussion in a future article; yet another subject of which I have oft wondered about and pondered upon.


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