What is Coming Next  - Part One



24 July, 2020, 14:10 (MST)

Written by – Steve Sakievich


[Author’s note:  The following “article” (merging upon short story) will contain a great deal of what I can not honestly say I know to be absolutely true.  It will contain a great deal of what I:  A) believe is true (feel in my heart), B) have curiously pondered as very possible or C) have simply wondered if it is a possible scenario of many.


I will provide as many links for reference as time constraints and research efforts allow to try and illustrate what I write.  Much more importantly, however, readers are highly encouraged to do their own searching/researching.  Remember that there is an ongoing (and growing) censorship of information – be wise and look for those options and applications of search/research which do not participate in censorship.  Read all sides of any and all issues; you be the judge in conjunction with the whisperings of the Spirit; with an honest and ongoing inquiry of the path the Savior is pointing to.  Learning and knowing truth comes only through self-derived tutelage, prayer and genuinely felt conformation from the Spirit of God.


Not big on prayer?  Just remember this:  the Savior taught that we should pray always which, in the hectic lives we live these days, is a seemingly impossible task, but… really, all that it requires is conscious thought directed toward Him.  Easily can we all become distracted... this I know, and know well; where myself is concerned.  Great are my own needs for improvement and many are my weaknesses.  None are flawless but He who paved the path, the path which leads to all the answers we seek for the questions we have, even Jesus the Christ.]




A Greater Awaking


“And the children of men were numerous upon all the face of the land. And in those days Satan had great dominion among men, and raged in their hearts; and from thenceforth came wars and bloodshed; and a man’s hand was against his own brother, in administering death, because of secret works, seeking for power.”  (Moses 6:15)


The year 2020 has come in as a tsunami… has it not?  As a visible “precurrence...” of the sea backing away from shore, like a giant taking a massive breath of air before the exhale; then swiftly comes the blanket of death and destruction.  Time for higher grounds?  But it did not begin in 2020.


Brought upon by the forces of evil, this “tsunami” grows bolder with each successful victory within the battlefront of today.  Typically preferring to lurk in shadows and flee from light, evil emerges ever more audaciously and defies it’s fear of the light.  Such temerarious actions are only possible because of a consensual increase of willing (or unwitting) participants.  As any army (in the conventional sense of the term) is emboldened by it’s rising ranks, so it is with the armies of evil.  As the number of it’s willing recruits participate in evil’s objectives or, in the very least, act complacently towards, the louder and bolder becomes their battle cry.


It is in these times, also, that a greater awaken happens upon the masses.  An awakening to the burning fact of the absolute necessity for reliance upon a Father in Heaven.  Along with a greater sense of the presence (pre sense) of his Spirit.  As patrons flock to each side of the battle, an acceleration begins to take place in the struggle.  Tempers become hotter, actions taken become graver, advancements more grandiose; and ever more astonishing things take place.  As a snowball on a mountain slope beginning unnoticed until it’s capacity, size and speed defy any obstacle and pose utter catastrophe.


So… where is all this, these events of our time… where are they all leading us to?  What should we expect to see take place before reaching a resolution?  What are the foreseeable results?  Is there reason for hope of a brighter future and what comes after the end of the battle?  Where will we go from there?  These are the questions I wish to address in the following pages in an exploratory way and to divulge my thoughts and feelings for all to ponder.



Where Events Are Leading Us, What to Expect and What The Results Will Be


Well, to begin with, there are is great deal which we already know of that is currently taking place; we see it in the news daily. When taken into broad spectrum – with an overlying view of as many events world wide we can think of – it is very clear (at least for myself from my own research and thoughtful prayer) we are headed in a multitude of directions at the same time; each with a brick wall in front of every path.  There is, with one wall compared unto another wall, but only two possible outcomes for progression to continue (or not continue), get over the wall or collapse at it’s base.


My heart tells me we are headed for more aggressive measures taken and conducted by evil men (and women).  Measures to restrict, confine, probe, monitor, experiment upon and, ultimately, dispose of all that they despise; and they despise all that is good and righteous, honest and trustworthy, loyal and humble.  In short, to the follower of evil, life sucks for them… and they hate it.  With (I ought to add) the belief they can create their own, manufactured, idea of life which, they perceive, would be a superior one then which already exists.  But how can this be so if, by their own nature, they still hate life and truth?


Expect to see a widening division among all peoples of this earth and make your choice of which side you’re on swiftly; time is short.  Bear in mind that we are all God’s children whom He loves, but follow not those who choose to fight against Him.  Be humble in all you do, think or undertake; as we are all creatures dwelling far away from perfection.  Take heart in knowing that our Father in Heaven is a Just God, but also a Merciful God.


We are headed for an intensification of war/war-like initiated both in pocketed spots of nation states as well as globally.  Just watch, wait and see… that, from the onset of this global “pandemic” and onward, there will be little that is not being implemented on a global scale – few, if any, “pocket” nation-state events will be distinguishable; it will be all global events from here on out.


There will be and are (increasingly so) other events coming which will not be initiated by evil men or women, but will come in consequence of the doings of evil men and women.  These events will come with a force which will be unfathomable to most of “modern” mankind.  We already know of some of the possibilities, such as earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, a meteor or comet strike.  More and more shall we be witnesses of a greater, more powerful exhibition of the anger of a just God, His Living Earth and His Creations.  These things will take place and currently are happening, many have been stout warning signals from the Creator; several have been far, far more than mere warnings, but visitations of destruction.  The truly biblical manifestations of the wraith of God have yet to happen; but they will come, and swiftly.


The forces of evil and those that follow it are fated for failure since they are faulty assumptions and designs.  The destruction of evil and those that follow it, has been assure from the beginning; evil will destroy it’s self.


So, this is where all the current events (and past events too) are leading us to – extraordinary challenges; physically and spiritually.  Brace yourselves and have a serious mind.  Pray always and keep the door of knowledge from the heavens open.  Put on the full armor of God and you shall meet these challenges with absolute victory.


Part Two


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