The War That Was – The Battlefront of Today



Written on:

June 8, 2020 (17:47 MST)

by- Steve Sakievich


(Author’s note:  those who do not believe in a Creator, God, a Father in Heaven, or do not believe in scripture consider this:  “scripture” - being text of ancient origin, even if simply made-up – is it of interest how closely such text parallels both history and today?)



A war began in Heaven at the very dawn the heavenly body we live on – known as Earth – was formed.  Not a physical war as one oft thinks of when hearing the word, but a war of thought and ideology.  It was, simply put, a war about how things were to be done and intended outcomes of what was to be done.  It was a spiritual war, the primary “triggers” which initiated this war amounted to just two main issues:  Freedom to Choose (or Force to Abide) and Credit to the Creator and Planner (or all Credit, Power and Glory to another; one with his own plan).  Named after the Morning Star for it’s brilliance, Lucifer was the leader of the opposing force of the Creator; and the Commander of force aligned with the Creator being His Son, named Jesus the Christ.


At the center of the dispute which began this war was the Gift of Choice, of Liberty (to be and become what your heart desired, the ability to identify where your heart truly lies); this Gift was (and ever has been) given to us by the Creator.  It is not granted, provided, reserved or even guaranteed protected by any man, woman, government, institution, leader, nation or society.  This Liberty to be and become what we wish… this Gift comes solely and only from the Creator.  As for me… I know which side of this War in Heaven I was on.  It is the same side which everyone that now dwells on the Earth, has dwelled or has yet to arrive chose.  I, for one, know I am still on the same side in this second front of the war which began in Heaven.


It began as an ideological war, it continues today; it’s history extends far beyond what many people may realize.  Knowing that this is but another battlefront within a great war, would it not be prudent to understand the beginnings of this war?  It’s reasons?  What was the outcome of the battle in Heaven; what, exactly, happened?  How is it that it continues today and what are the potential outcomes of the battle of this time… this probation time of mortal life?


These questions can lead to many more questions, but it’s best to keep focused on just a few things; the principles of Liberty and it’s Gift to us and to Whom credit is due for this Plan, even the Father and Creator.


It was the principle, of which Liberty is based upon, that the battle ever begun.  Liberty is both the offspring of good and evil because it permits choice.  Liberty is the very thing Lucifer despised the thought of and despised that such a Gift be so freely giving away.  Why?  Because it took away from the fact that – as he saw it – a great increase (to himself) could be realized by the use of force and denial of Liberty.  Liberty removes the possibility of absolute control of another individual, it allows each to seek their own path, to define themselves, for themselves.  Lucifer wished to invoke force, to “standardize” and control the individual.


The War in Heaven was fought by you and I, by the whole of all mortals that have ever set foot (or will set foot) upon this Earth.  It was fought between the Children of the Creator it was fought by us.  Fought between those who sided with the ideal and plan of forcing others to do as dictated (removing Liberty) and those who understood and believed in the eternal principle of Liberty.  Lead by Lucifer, this ideology spread into acceptance by a massive one-third percent of the Creators family during the course of this War.  This battlefront in Heaven reached it’s precipice when the minds of all involved had reached their individual decisions on whom they would follow; the Creator’s plan of Liberty or Lucifer’s plan of force.  When the division was complete and all minds were made-up, Lucifer – and his followers – fell.  It is to this Earth which they fell.  Being denied, eternally, ever to obtain a physical and mortal body.


The word “soul” is not singular and, as such, those who followed Lucifer, now Satan, can never, ever be souls.  A soul is both a living spirit and a living physical body.  A soul can not be so without both body and spirit.  Because Satan (and those that followed from the beginning) were denied a body (and therefore, a soul) his hatred, toward those that did not follow him from the beginning, does now consume him.  He has but one desire now… to seek to destroy the souls of, as many as possible, those who chose not to follow him.  Named the Father of all Lies, as he has perfected the art of deceit (perhaps, I ponder, even capable of convincing himself that he is not lying; perhaps even convinced himself he can yet defeat the Creator’s Plan).


Deceit is his tool of choice and the weakness of the mortal being is his vantage point.  Yet, despite all the efforts of Hell and the guiles of the devil, evil’s moments of victory are limited.  The Creator of all living things is on the side of good (even, the very source of good) and good shall always and eternally prevail.  How do we know this?  Does it not show in all things that live?  Does it not show in the heavens above with their endless shimmers of light?  Were good to ever fail, all would cease to exist; good equates life and growth, evil equates death and destruction.  All things that are... would cease to exist, if good were to fail.


There is and always will be opposition in all things.  Without opposition the word “balance” would have no meaning – the scales would be tipped to lean toward absolute destruction or eternal stagnation.  If there is no good, there is no evil.  If there can be no life, there can be no death.  You can not have darkness if there is no light.  Our Earth and the solar system it interacts with could not be without both negative and positive.  If Adam and Eve did not falter… they would be there still and we, nor none before us, would ever come to being.  Two ideologies, then and now (always has been and ever will be).  One plan being perfected while the other faulty.  One destined to succeed while the other condemned to failure.


It matters little, at any point in reading this (if you’ve made it this far) if you have any beliefs in a Creator, God, Father in Heaven, devils or Satan, good or evil, or the Words written over the coarse of human history, otherwise oft referred to as “scripture.”  When mortal death comes for one, and all of us, in our time… on this Earth… during our time of “probation,” we shall awaken to a reality that we are, in fact, souls… we will then witness the separation of our living spirit from our living body.  I believe the majority of us know these things – buried deep within ourselves, perhaps, but known nonetheless.


The scriptures describe our day, a day when we shall see things “great and terrible.”  There will be things witnessed, experienced, carefully planned (remember, only two plans, from the beginning) and the implementation of two extremes… things Great, and things Terrible.  This War in Heaven, being carried out even unto today, has nothing to do with color, creed, status, prominence, wealth, male, female, intelligence or ignorance… it’s sole goal and purpose is Liberty and Happiness or Slavery and Misery; and not just our mortal, temporal lives… but for all of Eternity.  This battlefront ought not be taken lightly; it is of the utmost importance.


The historical list of evil uprising and falling again is repetitive but two factors are constantly present during such times, and resistance to it and needed “intervention,” at a final hour.  Perhaps the most notable to date could arguably be the days of Noah and the Great Flood.  Intervention came, in heavenly form, so that what was yet good, on Earth, would not be defeated; that evil not prevail.  The Creator’s Plan is Perfect and can not and will not be frustrated or come to failure; His Plan is based upon an eternal round.


Ancient and current written words (be they scripture or not) of the coming “intervention” is well versed and covers hundreds of thousands of pages and books.  Things happening yesterday, today and tomorrow were written many years ago and many times over.  With even a modest amount of time spent on reading through some of these pages it reveals an obvious plan has been made.  While Satan has a counter plan in mind, it is flawed… it can therefore never, fully, succeed.


I truly believe that the majority of us are still on the same side of this, the War begun in Heaven, that we were from the beginning, the side of Liberty that we might seek out Happiness.  I believe that because we all made the choice once already – that we might come to this Earth and receive our living bodies, joined with our living spirits and become souls – we shall make that choice again.  I believe that the majority, from the dawn of morals, does and has always desired peace, to live our lives in comfort and seek out happiness… to be kind, understanding and respectful of each others individuality and Gift of Liberty.  It is because of a majority that good does, always has and always will, be victorious; and life, eternal.


I am all for the Creator’s Plan, I always have been and always shall be.  I know this because of pure fascination I have, affinity toward, and love of all things that live and grow, all things of beauty and harmony.  I can not fully see the Creator’s Plan, but what is seen, felt and known shows me that only one path is preferably followed – Liberty and Life; the only path to Happiness.


This battlefront will end as all others have from the start of the War in Heaven, with intervention.  It will come at the Command of the Creator to the Commander, even Jesus Christ.  It will come in the final hour.  It will be the hour in which Satan (once named for the star of brilliance), and all those who follow him – be they souls or soulless – threaten the collapse of the side of Liberty and Life.  It is neigh at hand.  Our time of probation on this Earth is short, should not be taken lightly; the Gift of Liberty is always worth fighting for.  It is the fight to retain, forever, our own soul, or to bow to evil and relinquish our Liberty, our Happiness and our very Souls.


To those that follow the Father of all Lies:  Jesus came at the Meridian of time for several reasons, but most of all He came here for you.  He did not come to teach, edify or uplift the good and righteous, He came to help those lost in the lies of evil.  Evil desires to steal your soul, it has none of its own.  You may think so… but your soul can not be “sold,” it can only be given.  Liberty will always exist… thus the paths you choose can always be altered, if you desire it.  If you believe you are on a superior path, have a superior mind or benevolent power… you follow the Master of Deceit; who care nothing for you.  His hatred toward you is greater than those that did and continue to follower the Creator’s Plan; you are a betrayer in his eyes, you followed him not, in the first battlefront… only to grovel at his feet in the second battlefront.


To those that follow such a Beast I would beseech of you, turn from your path of self destruction.  The arms of the Lord remain open, for a time.  The gates to Happiness remain open, for a time.  Christ felt the all pains evil can cause, the intensity of which caused Him to bleed from every pore.  He gave His life upon the cross and took it up again three days later; he did so that your soul may be retained as living spirit and living body forever.  I plead with you, with concerns for your own sake and chance for joy, do not give away the Gifts the Creator has given you.  We are all God’s Children… there is much cause to be concerned with one another.

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