The Noble and Great Ones vs Population Control




Written on:

30 June, 2020, 19:12 (MST)

by- Steve Sakievich



I have memories dating back to the late 70’s and early 80’s about the idea of population control; I was in my early to mid-teens.  The concept there was (or is) too many people for this planet and not enough resources was a not new idea than, nor is it today.


On average I would expect that the number of people who have given any thought to the term "population control" is fairly high.  But I believe that, of those, only a small percentage would believe there is any good or truth in it; whereas the majority would consider the concept of controlling population a no-so good idea (nature takes care of it’s own).  While the number of those who know there is an agenda to carry it out is growing at an ever greater and faster rate.  More people need to understand that, first, there is a program / agenda devoted to direct, on a mass-scale, the initiation of global population control (the reduction of population being the primary aim) and second, the reason(s) why.


Historically speaking, efforts to control population have always arisen from time to time. Yet, in past times it has only been apparent in localized regions -   typically discovered by the remaining world after the fact; most notably of more recent history, Nazi Germany.  Efforts on a global scale were not well know or heard of, but that hardly means that such programs didn’t exist – there is (and always has been) financial and technological forces and “players” at work in collaboration with the political forces of their eras.


Also known as eugenics, population control is but an ugly illustration of the (oft misguided) ideology that this Earth cannot support us; can’t support our children.  Eugenics is also (and more definitively) the concept that a perfect and superior human can be created through control and usage of gene refining.  But both terminologies amount to the same end, removal of populaces deemed as inferior or unneeded.


I would ask, in such a world as we live in – and thousands of years of fore generations before us -  how can such ideology even be able to function?


But more importantly than question why such ideology exists, is to point out the true purpose.  Something, I believe, there are few (if any) who actually realize for themselves.



-The Coming of the Noble and Great ones-



In a previous article I wrote about the War in Heaven I pointed out that the battle lines had been drawn then and we are in the midst of, yet another, battlefront of that same War.  One side choosing Liberty, one side preferring force.  One destined for victory, one destined to failure – failure due to being flawed.


This new battlefront of our era is the time when, I believe, a large number of the “Noble and Great ones” will be arriving upon this Earth – many have come already.  There is an opposing force that would like to stop this from happening, at all costs; bare in mind that the top leader of this opposing force is, in fact, Satan.  The coming of the noble and great is, in essence, the turning of the tide against the forces of evil.


I’ve watched over the past several years the rise in leadership in youths of logical and intelligent thinking, with principled reason.  I expect there shall be an even far greater rise (at an ever-accelerating rate) in the number of individuals and events to be witnessed which will have fantastical effect upon the course of the interconnect human family.  Young people – from all races, creeds, religious and political backgrounds – will be ever more visible in the public eye.  Some exceedingly amazing times are unfolding with even greater astonishment yet to come.


As these “noble and great ones” (which, I believe, have mostly been reserved to come in the “end times,”) come in ever greater numbers and more prevalently in the public eye, it will usher in a pivotal point towards the preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ; it is neigh on our doorstep.  The Father of this Human Family is sending in His, reserved, reinforcements at a key point in time of the current spiritual battlefront taking place in our era.  The side of evil, knowingly or unknowingly, is making all and any possible moves to stop this from happening… those efforts are and will continue to be futile.


Population control is nothing new and it’s means are grotesque and an abomination; an evil which has no regards for any living thing.  It’s goals and many varied purported proposes have absolutely nothing to do with the truth.  The truth being:  this is the attempted halt of God’s children arriving to this Earth.  It’s an attempt to thwart the Plan of God.  This Earth was designed to accommodate all of God’s Family and to fulfill God’s Plan; none, having chosen and promised the opportunity to obtain their physical body, shall be denied.


For each of us, our time on this good Earth is short (some shorter, some longer), but for each of us, lies before us the opportunity of choice.  As the battlefront heats up, upon which side shall be your choice?  Life and liberty or death and enslavement?

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