Social Distancing and the Tearing of the Fabric of the Human Family




Written on:

3 June, 2020 (10:20 MST)

by- Steve Sakievich

Additional editing by Joanna Sakievich (with much love from her brother!)



The Human Family is, once again, entering into an era where fear is the ruler of minds and the foundation of global decisions.  Most individuals, I believe would agree that fear is a dangerous emotion. Yet, sometimes, is an appropriate and necessary emotion for which survival is dependent.  Case in point:  the fear of a child wandering into a busy street; fear can be the driving emotion to corrective and life-saving action.


But fear is extremely dangerous when it engulfs an individual or entire society.  Potentially compelling individuals and entire societies into a mindless state of inappropriate action; or becoming too afraid to act at all.  If fear is used as a tool against another individual or society it can result in the utter destruction of that individual or society.

Over the past several months fear of a globally spreading virus appears to be getting used as a tool by individuals, media outlets, corporations, governments and global entities.  A tool that is fueling division in societies around the globe, widening division in politics, ethnicity, whole economies, personal relationships and promoting tribalism.  While at the same time being commercialized and fanning the flames of an out-of-control fire.  Fear of the unknown is perhaps the worst kind of fear, since it deprives us of the natural coping abilities needed to construct a path of corrective action.  It leaves us "swinging" at an unseen enemy or force, where hope for a successful blow is but a faint glimmer and can instill self-doubt, which blurs any possibility of clear and reasoned thought.


Like a cancer, fear will spread and grow becoming the very force and means which will lead to the destruction of ourselves and our tightly-contained human family on this not-so-large Earth.  Such a destruction is something I personally believe we all (at least the larger portion of this family-on-Earth) would very much like to avoid.


In such times of fear, it is of the greatest importance to seek out those we know, trust and love that we may seek comfort from others, to receive comfort, to gather together, seek council, discourse ideas or to simply be with others.  We are - by way of nature - inherently connected to one another. As a human family, we will always have need for others to share ideas, discover solutions and dissect, analyze and resolve problems that arise.  None of us came into this human family equipped with everything we need.  Without the support of others, there is little we can accomplish alone.


The very term "social distancing" is (or should be) completely alien to us.  By our very nature we are designed to embrace and be embraced, to comfort and give comfort, to help and receive help, to confide in and receive confidence from others; both in small circles as well as in large groups.  To keep oneself isolated from each other leads to loneliness, depression and can create voids in answers to our questions.  Congregating together and the ability to embrace one another in show of support is a vital element to improving ourselves and the societies we live in.  We are meant to help each other, love each other and impart what we can to those who are in need or have no one to turn to.


Social distancing is leading to the tearing apart of the very fabric of the human family.  If perpetuated it will lead to the utter and absolute destruction of us all.


What then is the answer?  I believe that, inside each of us, we already know.


All of us sense and desire to be recognized as an individual that has the freedom to express ourselves and to feel needed, to know that we have purpose.  We are creatures that feel, care and desire, we have dreams and aspirations to be more than what we are.  The answer, therefore, is that we need each other; oft times more than we actually realize.


To those who seem to have nowhere or no one to turn to the answer lies in the Father of this great human family - our Heavenly Father.  He, as any earthly parent would (or should), cares very deeply for His children.  He knows us intimately and would never want us to rush heedlessly into a "busy street," act without thinking things through and He most certainly does not want us to avoid our brothers and sisters or to seek help and assistance when needed and to administer love, help and assistance.


"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6).  Knowledge is the key and seeking it leads to the answers of everything we question.  It - knowledge - is all around us… seeking it and disseminating it rarely, if ever, comes without asking and/or consultation.


Distancing ourselves from each other is not the answer.  It will only prohibit and deter us from ever asking needed questions, leaving us bound in ignorance, confusion or misdirected into paths leading to an abyss that becomes inescapable.


This "new normal," as it is being called, is not normal.  In fact, it is nothing close to normal.  If the "new normal" remains painted as what is normal, it can only lead to one end... the loss of ourselves.


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