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 by – Steve Sakievich

 23 June, 2020 (19:36 MST)



This website was conceived (and is being developed) for the sole purpose to utilize a platform to express ideas and personal thoughts.  It’s intent is to reach as many people as possible who may have never considered such concepts, ideas or things for those who never thought about (or, perhaps, in such a fashion); as well as those whom may be in concurrence with what is presented in these pages.  I understand that what is contained in these pages won't be for everyone, but each is free to come or go as you please.


Feel free to share what you find here with those you know if you enjoy (or even disagree) but please attribute / link what you share to this site and/or the author.


Personal Statement.


There will be an underlining reference to religious aspects and concepts though it is important to make note that:  the very word “religion” or “religious” is an oft times misunderstood (or incorrectly interpreted) word.  I feel a simple explanation of the word (concept) is… a way of doing things.  It’s a guide line.  Based upon that which has been and has always been known and proven to be sound principles.  A simple definition, I think, of the word principle is….  Well, just another guideline; a gauge.  Which, by what I think, the two word (religion and principle) are of same kind.  The words are analogous to each other; or, two guide lines working toward the same goals.  Yet religion and principle can take on various other names with just as many or more guide lines variations; all pointing in different directions.  More about the above on the About Author page.



Focus of Website.


This website will try to focus a great deal on historical text, events, uprisings and downfalls of nations and empires, the apparent and repetitious scenarios and their consequential outcomes.  The goal behind historical reference is to illustrate how much has changed while, at the same time, how little things have changed.  This is a clear illustration of how certain principles (guide-lines (or, a series of guidelines grouped together as one) remain constant in a changing world.  Such principles which endure throughout time are the very foundation upon which we can all use as a starting point, a pillar from which to draw strength and formulate reason and hope.  There is great cause for hope; even in the most despairing of times.


Throughout the endless change witnessed by humankind there are constants which never change.  These are the principles, the ‘corner stones’ which begin the groundwork for hope and the wellspring of joy and a road toward happiness.  Principles that do not ever change can become the focal point for improvement in the things that do change.


This website (as of this writing) is in it’s infancy and will be an ongoing work which is expected to take some time and many road-blocks.  Your patience is greatly appreciated as are your suggestions and shares with others.  I have a steep learning curve that does not have a visible pinnacle or point of completion.  Like life, there’s always more to discover, learn and know.


If you enjoy what you find here and would like to see this work continue and flourish, please consider a donation; the survival and growth of this website is fully depended on the generosity of others.


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