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Written on:

3 August, 2020, 11:25 (MST)

by- Steve Sakievich



Born the seventh child of a family of eight (seven boys) in the mid sixty’s to advent Catholic parents and, at the age of seven, moved from Maryland to Arizona when my mother separated from my father.  (Side note:  the eight child was born seven years after me (on December seventh), the third oldest son was born seven years prior to me, also, on December seventh – the year we moved was nineteen seventy one and we arrived in Arizona in July; the seventh month).  Among several reasons, my mother left my father due to being heart-drawn toward the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; as were the older children.  Although my mother was born and raised Catholic, she had grown up with friends and neighbors who were members of  the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, friends she knew always had kind, thoughtful and caring spirits.  Shortly after are arrival to Arizona all were then baptized (except myself and younger brother; both of us were baptized upon turning the age of eight) and became members of  the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


With a great deal of moving about in my younger days, I have lost most of my memories of life in Maryland (though still feel the draw towards the countryside and mountains).  While my heart was letting me know I was on the right path, as I grew into my mid and late teens, I began to stray into paths I’ve come to regret later in life.  I was by no means striving to be the best I could be and chose instead roads which could potentially have led to my own death or imprisonment.  But, through a couple personal experiences, much changed within me.  I know that there was Divine intervention on a number of occasions on my behalf and my mind was greatly opened to the ever-so-clear presence of the forces of good and evil on this earth.  Through my trails on this earth I have developed a great love, appreciation and fascination with all things that live.


There is much I ought and need to change to improve the person I am; I am so far, far away from achieving my goals and what I know my Father in Heaven would have me do and be.  But, through all of the good and bad days, there is something that has become cemented in my heart, and that is the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  To deny this in my heart is something that simply can not happen; I know Whom it is that pulled me from the jaws of destruction (and on more than one occasion).


Throughout all my years I have felt a desire to write and express what I have come to know, believe and feel.  I have, for the better part of my years, always put this desire off to the side; too busy, too tired, always another excuse.  But - with the changing of the tide (as it were) bringing an obvious, growing-in-strength and boldness, encroachment of the forces of evil – a sense of urgency to follow my promptings to write have increased.  The Spirit of God is telling me to spread the words given me by His Spirit; and to the best of my ability… without regard to my own weaknesses; just get it done, first things first, as it were.


I have done a variety of things for work in my lifetime but there is a work which I feel there is no other that could compare, none could be more important and crucial to every last person on earth.  It is the same work in which the angels of God are currently (and have been) engaged in; as are many, many of us, His children.  That work being to help our Father in Heaven in bringing His children back home to Him; as many of His children, which He does so love, as possible.  It’s my belief that it is not by or of myself that this is accomplished; I am no one particularly special, nor do I consider myself to be… I’m just and ordinary man.  But as a tool is the hands of God, I know that He can accomplish much if I but heed His word.


We are all special, however.  Every one is unique to another; even identical twins can have their subtile but noticeable differences.  We are special because we are children of God.  This makes us not only special but of great, great worth in the eyes of God; we are His children; each and every last one of us.  Those who reject Him even until the bitter end, after gaining a full understanding and knowledge of His plan for us and reject Him still, will lose His love; and He shall reject those who love evil and the devil more.


It is my hope and prayer that, through the pages I post on this site, I might be a means to touch the hearts and minds of many.  To spark an interest in learning more and a desire to seek out the Spirit of God, His Son Jesus Christ and a desire to learn more about His plan for His children.  We are incredible creations with potential divine destinies.  Solemnly we should consider out worth in the eyes of our Creator.  With humility and meekness should we seek out and strive to improve our personal relationship with Him and His Son, even Jesus Christ.


We have all been blessed with the gift of Liberty; a gift granted by God, not by mankind or any governing body.  It is one of our most essential tools for discovering our true selves; to know and become who we are meant to be.  Without Liberty the freedom of self expression and self development is restricted.  Without Liberty we can be molded into someone else’s idea of what it is we should be.  T is my hope that everyone will continue to have the opportunity to choose their own path and seek their own answers to all that they seek.  It is also my hope that most will seek to improve themselves and assist those around them that, as a whole, the entire human family will reach it’s highest potential.


Your comments and suggestions are always welcome and I would encourage anyone with comments, questions, suggestions and even ridicule to contact me and let me know what’s on your mind.  I state, once more, I am a fallible mortal being and great are my own imperfections and weaknesses; errors are no doubt to be found throughout these pages.  But I, like you and all others, are here on this earth for a trial period of time.  We are here to learn, grow and discover.  We are here to develop our true character, formulate our own path and, by the grace of God, hopefully improve a little with each passing day.


As I start out on a new path of work as a “starving artist” I hope and pray that time and effort will lead to the satisfaction of knowing I was of some service to another.  To me, being of service to others is the most rewarding work one can perform.  I seek not riches, recognition nor dominance; only a heart-felt sense I have been helpful to another in some small way.  If, by the grace of God, you are able and feel compelled to try to help me in my efforts, a small donation of any amount would be overwhelmingly and eternally appreciated.  And thank you for taking time to read through these pages and sharing what you find here with others!

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